This table shows the list of Ireland & UK IBA rides that are available to Non-members. Non members may only attempt to gain membership via rides listed on this table. Current IBA Members may,of course,attempt any rides from this Table ,or any other IBA ride listed on any IBA website.

If you have any Questions regarding the rules or any other aspect of your ride, you can email Chris at  ibaireland.org or Joe at ibaireland.org

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member only local rides


Description of RideMore DetailsVerified by
Circuit of Ireland
An Ireland specific IBA ride. A circuit of Ireland in less than 24hrs. 831 GPS miles
circuitdetails IBA Ireland

Compass Tour

Ireland Specific. Ride to Malin Head, Brow Head, Dunmore Head, Burr Point.

To be released soon

IBA Ireland

Compass Gold

As above, but must be minimum of 1,000 miles


Iba Ireland

Saddlesore 1000
1000 miles or more in < 24 hrs
Saddlesoredetails IBA Ireland
Government SS1000 Visit Government Landmark Buildings of Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales AND ride at least 1000 miles in<24hrs. Government SS1000 IBA Ireland
End To End Lands End to John O'Groats 874 miles (or vice versa) in <24hrs
end to end
SS2000 2000 miles in <48 hrs anywhere in the world

Bunburner 1500

1500 Miles in < 36hrs anywhere in the world bunburner IBA UK