2017 Photo Rally Riders

Rider Name

Home County

Locations to date


Joe Fisher



Joe Fisher Gallery Link

Chris McGaffin



 Chris McGaffin Gallery Link

Raymond Barrow Derry 5 gallery link
Paul Foley Tipperary 6 Gallery Link
John Williams Down 8 gallery link
Eamon Phelan Tipperary 3 gallery link
Paul Ambrose Kildare 15 gallery link
Damien O'Connor Dublin 12 gallery link
Gary Bradley Kildare 2 gallery link
Charles Coughlan Cork 15 gallery link
Jochen Riehn Kildare 9 gallery link
Andrew McAlonan Antrim 6 Gallery Link
Ray Walton Lancashire 0 Gallery Link
Jim Twomey Cork 6 Gallery Link
Charles Carruthers Antrim 15 Gallery Link
Mark King Meath 13 Gallery link
Magi Burns Clare 5 Gallery Link
Alan Moran Louth 3 Gallery Link
John O'Sullivan Cork 8 Gallery Link
John Ambrose Cork 9 Gallery Link
Sean Higgins Cork 1 Gallery Link
Dave & Lyn Winter Lancs 0 Gallery Link
Brian Keenan Derry 8 Gallery Link
Aidan McParland Armagh 5 Gallery Link
Don Stewart Antrim 14 Gallery link
Stephen Weir Antrim 9 Gallery Link
Greachan Mac Mathuna Clare 0 gallery link
John McKinney Derry 3 Gallery Link
Gavin Austin L'Derry 3 Gallery Link
Gerry Christie Kerry 5 Gallery link
Samuel McCaughan Antrim 6 gallery link
Peter & Joanne L'Derry 10 Gallery Link
Gill McFadden Donegal 0 Link to Gallery
Andrew Brown Antrim 4 Link to Gallery