2017 Photo Rally Riders


Rider Name

Home County

Locations to date


Joe Fisher



Joe Fisher Gallery Link

Chris McGaffin



 Chris McGaffin Gallery Link

Raymond Barrow Derry 15 gallery link
Paul Foley Tipperary 10 Gallery Link
John Williams Down 8 gallery link
Eamon Phelan Tipperary 15 gallery link
Paul Ambrose Kildare 15 gallery link
Damien O'Connor Dublin 15 gallery link
Gary Bradley Kildare 2 gallery link
Charles Coughlan Cork 15 gallery link
Jochen Riehn Kildare 14 gallery link
Andrew McAlonan Antrim 15 Gallery Link
Ray Walton Lancashire 0 Gallery Link
Jim Twomey Cork 15 Gallery Link
Charles Carruthers Antrim 15 Gallery Link
Mark King Meath 15 Gallery link
Magi Burns Clare 5 Gallery Link
Alan Moran Louth 15 Gallery Link
John O'Sullivan Cork 15 gallery link
John Ambrose Cork 11 Gallery Link
Sean Higgins Cork 15 Gallery Link
Dave & Lyn Winter Lancs 15 Gallery Link
Brian Keenan Derry 8 Gallery Link
Aidan McParland Armagh 15 Gallery Link
Don Stewart Antrim 15 Gallery link
Stephen Weir Antrim 15 Gallery Link
Greachan Mac Mathuna Clare 0 gallery link
John McKinney Derry 9 Gallery Link
Gavin Austin L'Derry 9 Gallery Link
Gerry Christie Kerry 10 Gallery link
Samuel McCaughan Antrim 15 gallery link
Peter & Joanne L'Derry 15 Gallery Link
Gill McFadden Donegal 0 Link to Gallery
Andrew Brown Antrim 4 Link to Gallery
Victor O'Sullivan Cork 15 gallery link
Pat O'Driscoll Cork 15 Gallery Link
Paul Libert Kildare 15 Gallery Link
Con Cremin Kerry 15 Gallery Link
Gordon Magee Antrim 6 Gallery Link