How to Join us

ibai_320x200.pngYou cannot become a member of the Iron Butt Association simply by paying some annual subscription. We're not like that. If you want to join our ranks you have to prove to us that you are able to solve the equation of Time,Distance and Endurance in order to complete one of our entry level rides.

Once your ride is successfully verified by us, you will be issued with a membership number, a ride certificate and be eligible to attend member only activities. You will also receive regular Newsletters. There is a payment involved for ride verification but there are no further membership fees. 

FAQs~ If you have any questions about joining us, you may find the answer here:

I'd like to join.Where do I find your membership form?
Isn't your Organisation promoting racing on the roads and encouraging people to ride around half asleep?
Do you have regular club outings and meetings?
Do I pay up front for membership?
Am I commiting myself to anything by becoming a member?
Do you have a club Newsletter?
Do I have to renew my membership each year?
Are you just selling certificates for various rides?
What benefits are there if I become an IBA member?