ibai_320x200.pngWelcome to the IBA Ireland Website.

The Iron Butt Association is an exclusive group of Motorcyclists dedicated to the sport of long distance motorcycling.
IBA Ireland is part of the Iron Butt Association worldwide family of branches located in several countries around the world. The Iron Butt Association was founded and has headquarters in the United States.
IBA Ireland is not a motorcycle club in the traditional sense. There are no membership fees. You must successfully complete an IBA Certificate ride in order to join our ranks. However, you do not have to be an IBA member to attend any of our advertised events

The aim of IBA Ireland is to encourage participation in long distance motorcycling and permit riders who enjoy big mileage and a challenge to meet like-minded individuals . Although the opportunities within Ireland for long distance riding may seem somewhat limited, the Introduction of Ireland specific IBA rides (circuit of ireland, Ireland SS 1000 and 32 county challenge) and also local events to provide Irish riders an opportunity to meet fellow long distance enthusiasts. There are also opportunities to enjoy some socialising with fellow long distance motorcyclists. If you like riding that little bit further than your average motorcyclist, are sick of doing that same old Sunday Run with the lads, and want to test yourself,then we may be the organisation for you.

Some riders combine one of our certificate rides with a charity fund raising effort. Riders get the benefit of raising money for Charity, Membership of the IBA and your sponsors can see the ride has been independantly audited. If you wish to combine a certificate ride with a fund raising effort - go for it.

January 23, 2018